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Buying or Selling a Car? Get a Pre Purchase Roadworthy Inspection for the Car Before Finalising the Transaction

Queensland law requires automotive owners to have roadworthy or safety certificates for their vehicles when registering, re-registering, or transferring ownership. You can complete none of these steps without a valid roadworthy certificate. Since roadworthy certificates only last two months or 2,000 kilometres (whichever comes first), most car owners end up needing to obtain several of these certificates throughout the lifespan of their vehicles. At Miss Roadworthy, we can come to you to provide the vehicle inspections you need to buy a car, sell a car, register a car or update your registration.

Making Inspections, Compliance, and Repairs Easy

At Miss Roadworthy, we pride ourselves on a business structure that was designed to make life easier for our customers. We know that dealing with roadworthy inspections can be a pain. Whether you need to re-register your car or are ready to buy a new vehicle and drive off into the sunset, the inspection step can slow you down and add a costly and irritating burden to the process.

The first thing we do to make things easier is come to you. One of the pains of pre purchase car inspections especially is getting the car to a mechanic for an inspection. Who takes the car in for the inspection, the buyer or the seller? Who covers the cost? These questions have stymied many buyers and sellers and tend to make private automotive transactions more stressful than they should be.

By offering a mobile service, we reduce the burden on both parties. We can do inspections anywhere throughout the north Brisbane area, be it the driveway of a residential home or the parking lot of a business. Also, our inspections are affordable—just $88 apiece, flat rate, for all inspections within our radius. No matter which party covers the cost, it’s not a huge amount of money.

The second big thing that we do to make life easier for buyers and sellers is to offer mechanic referrals. If the pre purchase inspection of your vehicle proves that there are no major safety issues to resolve, we will issue your roadworthy certificate on the spot. If the car does need any repairs or maintenance, though, we can refer you to a mobile mechanic who will come to you to perform the necessary servicing. In other words, even if the car you are buying or selling isn’t roadworthy yet, it can be soon thanks to Miss Roadworthy and our network of partners.

Choose Miss Roadworthy for Your Roadworthy Inspection Today

Buying or selling a car privately can be stressful. How can you be sure you are getting a good price? As a seller, how do you know you aren’t running afoul of any legal requirements? As a buyer, how can you be sure you are buying a car that is safe and not one with thousands of dollars in deferred maintenance hiding underneath the hood? With Miss Roadworthy’s top-tier customer service and our awesome partnerships, you can be more confident about either side of the deal. Contact us today to learn more.